Completed WeightNot

I have officially completed Reveal MedSpa’s WeightNot diet program, as of today. My final weigh-in saw me at 199.0 lbs. I spent three months on the program and lost a grand total of 65.4 lbs during that time.

I will write up a full review of my impressions of WeightNot some time next week. The teaser, however, is that while my time on the program benefited me greatly, I do not credit WeightNot with having much to do with my weight loss.

I also have some final photos that I will strive to post soon.

Lastly, I’ve also finished up week 3 of C25K and should be starting up the week 4 schedule tonight.

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7 Responses to Completed WeightNot

  1. Melanie says:

    You mentioned that you don’t credit weightnot for your weight loss. Were you doing other things like excercise or their support?

    • Bang Fat says:

      That’s not completely true. I certainly lost a ton of weight because I was on WeightNot. In a nutshell, I give the credit to the low calorie diet, not the vitamin supplements. And it’s the supplements that make WN what it is. Otherwise, you’ve just got a rather typical low-cal, low-fat, low-carb diet. Basic thermodynamics tells us that if you expend more energy than you consume, you have to burn fat to make up for the difference. That’s the magic.

  2. Evonne says:

    I am on weightNot now, and downing ALL THESE PILLS are getting the best of me! Is the amount of weight you loss attainable WITHOUT the pills? I can do once a day, but three times a day is a BIT much!

    • Bang Fat says:

      The WeightNot diet will work just fine w/out all the pills.

      As I’ve commented a number of times, the pills are not the part of the diet that makes it work, it’s the low calorie intake that does it. The pills’ contribution is supposedly to help make you feel better, less hungry, healthier, etc…

      I actually ended up taking my supplements four separate times a day. Early morning (before breakfast), late morning (around 11 AM), afternoon (2 PM), and evening (7 PM).

      If all of the pills are getting to you, here’s one suggestion: ditch the coconut oil. Or, rather, stop taking the pills and then allow yourself one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil per day to cook with instead. A WN councilor will, of course, tell you not to do this. They’ll preach that any deviation from the program at all is a no-no. But I say “we’re all grown ups here.”

  3. kathleen austin says:

    I was really contemplating signing up but realized that it was too expensive for me. If you are saying I can do by cutting calories, I will be estastic. Although, I have tried before and lost each time. I did want something that just said if you eat this three times a day, you will be sucessful. I wish someone had a plan that directed one to each they types of food and whammoo, weight would come off.

  4. Michelle says:

    The weight not diet is not safe without the supplements. A low calorie diet can be dangerous if your body isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs. That is the primary value of the pills, not to mention appetite suppressants, etc. All i know is I have been on WeightNot for 3 weeks now and my hair, skin, and nails are amazing. I want to continue the nutritional supplements after I am done with the program!

    • Bang Fat says:

      I’m not totally sure that I agree with the notion that WN is unsafe without the supplements, but I can’t argue with results. Glad the program is going well!

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